Published September 17, 2022 by Vinko Ninčević
Accommodation in Ireland
Accommodation in Ireland

One of the biggest concerns people have when moving to Ireland is accommodation. The rent prices, in general, as well as everything else, is getting more expensive daily – or that is how it feels. It’s hard to manage in your home country, especially, somewhere new where you probably don’t even know where to begin.

Well… Worry not, we believe this blog will help you understand the process a little bit more.

Finding a home in Ireland

As you already know, finding decent housing can be very difficult in Ireland, quite expensive, and it’s a competitive market, to begin with.

Where do most of the issues occur when first arriving in Ireland?

● To rent out a property for a longer period, most landlords will ask you for a reference letter(s) from your previous one
● You will need to pay a safety deposit, which is usually the same amount as the monthly rent of your room, apartment, or a house
● Some will also ask for your payslips in the last few months, as a confirmation that you can cover your monthly expenses
● Also, a proof of employment, signed and stamped by the employer

When first moving to Ireland, how are you supposed to obtain all this documentation? Here is the trick and how can we help you with your relocation and jobs in Ireland.

Accommodation with Labyrinth Recruitment

If this is the first time you’ve come across with our agency, and didn’t get in contact with us yet, this is how we work:

Labyrinth Recruitment will make sure you have initial accommodation provided by our clients. The first two to four weeks are free and after that period, our clients will help you with sourcing your permanent accommodation.

After the free period, you will start paying for your accommodation on a weekly basis. Bills and utilities can be extra (you would get those details in advance).

Our clients will be renting out apartments or houses in the nearby area, where you will be subletting the place, having guaranteed accommodation provided and ready by the time you arrive in Ireland.

As you can see, this way you are avoiding all the fuss over the documentation needed, and everything will be sorted out for you in advance.

Your future life in Ireland and accommodation

Clients will help, but we also ask you to be proactive with your search once you have settled and started working.

Give yourself enough time in advance to do your research, visit the online pages, contact the owners directly and try to arrange a house viewing. Keep in mind that some areas you might find great, but you won’t have easy public transport to and from work – that is one of the most important factors.

Public transport is quite well connected, it’s mostly on time and properly online tracked (you can find all the timetables of public transport online).

Pages that you will find useful in finding accommodation:
● and the easiest: Facebook groups

If you have found the place you would like to rent, there are several documents you will need to provide to the landlord or letting agent. Make sure to have all the documents they require once you do your house viewing so you are prepared on the spot – and it gives a good impression.

Before signing the lease, it would be good to ask yourself the following questions:
● How much rent can I afford? What would be the average monthly cost of bills/utilities?
● What area do I want to live in? Is it well connected with my workplace?
● Am I looking for permanent or temporary accommodation? Is this the place I want to stay in for a year or two by the time the contract expires?

Let us explain the last note a little bit – once you sign a lease, you will be paying for a safety deposit.

As mentioned, it can be double the month’s rent (in most cases, but of course, it can be more or less). In case you leave your accommodation earlier, you will probably need to find someone to move in instead you or the landlord will keep your deposit.

It can depend on the agreement you have, and it is something that should be discussed in advance.

For security precautions, it’s good to have everything in the contract, and signed both by the landlord and the tenant.

Temporary accommodation solutions in Ireland

If you have decided on moving to Ireland on your own, here is how to find a temporary solution.

Hostels are probably the first thing that comes to your mind if you are on a budget, and there is always Airbnb,, etc.

Some hosts even provide high discounts on long or early bird/last-minute stays, so you might be able to catch a good opportunity like that.

Homestay and Homerez are most definitely worth the mention as well. Before booking the place, you can ask the host whether they would be able to provide you with a reference letter for your future accommodation applications.

By the time you find a permanent place, you will have all the documents needed to sign the lease:
● A form of I.D like your driver’s license, passport, and PPSN (Personal Public Service Number)
● References from past landlords
● A current work reference
● A current payslip or bank statement that shows your income

More details about the PPSN (Personal Public Service Number) application can be found here.

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