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Finding new employees to perfectly fit in your team sometimes seems as impossible as finding a new job that will get you on your desired career path.
Yes, you find yourself in a labyrinth that is hard to get out of, but wait before you take another step because – we know the way!
Our mission is to change the way you experience the process of employment and employment agencies in general.
Employers usually hesitate to entrust hiring to recruiters because they don't believe that recruiters can understand their business policy well enough to find a perfect fit for their team. This is why it often takes a while to find a recruitment agency that they can build high-quality business relationship with.
Labyrinth Recruitment was founded precisely on the belief that an individualized approach to each client and candidate contributes to the creation and development of high-quality cooperation, which makes us different from our competitors.
The driving force behind us is the satisfaction brought by success in the business field, and we want to share it with you and build strong business and personal relationships based on mutual trust.
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Recruitment services
Doing business with Labyrinth Recruitment allows you to find quality workers who meet the needs of your business easily.
As our client, you have a simple task - to inform us about the vacancy and fully instruct us in all relevant circumstances related to the job and your business. Leave the rest to us – we will find the person who best meets the set criteria in the detailed selection process.
Labyrinth Recruitment is an agency that helps you find a job with reliable employers, with whom we have already built a strong business relationship. We make it easier for you to find your way to one of the European countries.
We save your time because all you have to do is contact us and present your qualifications, and we will do our best to find the job that suits you best.
Candidates can contact us by applying for an advertised job or contact us directly if they want to establish an employment relationship with an existing client of Labyrinth Recruitment, in which case we will try to find a job that will meet their expectations.
The whole process is completely free of charge for candidates!
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Recruitment fairs
Labyrinth Recruitment can organize a recruitment fair in Croatia to assist you in finding a number of good candidates at once. If you have more than one vacancy to fill, this is the way for you!
Due to COVID 19 situation we offer you to organize an online recruitment fair on the specific date that is most suitable for you.
With our previous experience in organizing 10 successful recruitment fairs and placing 700 + candidates in Ireland and UK within hospitality and construction industry you can be sure that you will recruit excellent candidates.
We will provide our support from the initial planning stage, through the organization of the event on the day, to the final stages afterwards.
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Director of Food & Beverage
Rijeka, Croatia
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Split, Croatia
Martin Finucane
owner at Master Stonemasons
Master Stonemasons recently began working with Labyrinth Recruitment and we are very satisfied with the results. We see ourselves expanding our business with Labyrinth Recruitment.
Danijel Ivezić
Hospitality professional
Vinko with his company Labyrinth Recruitment helped me to get my first job in Ireland and move there, so obviously I am recommending this agency. But what really touched me more is his professionalism and care he showed during and even after we cooperate on this job. All information he gave me during the process was accurate. You really can rely on him.
Michalis Zevgoulas
Chef de Partie at 4 star hotel
When I first came into contact with Vinko, I saw a man with knowledge of what he is doing and a passion for it. He guided me through every step and thanks to him I got my first job contract in Ireland. He still keeps in touch to see how things are going and he is always available for any questions or inquiries. I'm sure that he will do great with his new company and I am suggesting 110%. And I also wish him and his team the best of all luck.
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