Published November 23, 2020 by Vinko Ninčević
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Employers – why choose us?

Doing business with Labyrinth Recruitment allows you to find quality workers who meet the needs of your business easily.

As our client, you have a simple task – to inform us about the vacancy and fully instruct us in all relevant circumstances related to the job and your business. Leave the rest to us – we will find the person who best meets the set criteria in the detailed selection process.

We save time for the Human Resources Department and recruitment managers in many ways: by writing job descriptions, posting job advertisements, obtaining references for candidates, quickly filtering unqualified candidates applying for a job,…

We already have an extensive list of candidates who are actively looking for a job, but we are also very quick in finding new candidates who will meet the needs of each job vacancy.

For employers who want to fill a certain job vacancy, we introduce one to three candidates who stood out in the selection process, and if it is necessary to fill more job vacancies at the same time, we can organize a job fair. In this case, we introduce more candidates for each of the required positions.

According to our clients’ needs, we can also organize a private job fair online, thus offering them the opportunity to meet and interview several qualified candidates in one day.

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Candidates – why choose us?

Labyrinth Recruitment is an agency that helps you find a job with reliable employers, with whom we have already built a strong business relationship. We make it easier for you to find your way to one of the European countries.

We save your time because all you have to do is contact us and present your qualifications, and we will do our best to find the job that suits you best.

Candidates can contact us by applying for an advertised job or contact us directly if they want to establish an employment relationship with an existing client of Labyrinth Recruitment, in which case we will try to find a job that will meet their expectations.

All job candidates will be informed in detail about the job and the employer, and the selection and recruitment process will be explained to them.

After passing the selection process successfully and receiving a job offer, you conclude an employment contract directly with the employer. If the job is performed in a place outside your residence, you sign an employment contract before moving, and the employer will always provide you with temporary accommodation.

If you need help to find a job and develop your career in one of the European countries, contact us with confidence.

The whole process is completely free of charge for candidates!

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