Published September 17, 2022 by Vinko Ninčević
PPSN (Personal Public Service Number)
PPSN (Personal Public Service Number)

What is PPSN (Personal Public Service Number)?

PPSN is a unique reference number that helps you access social welfare benefits, public services, and information in Ireland. To apply, you must provide evidence of:
● your identity
● why you need a PPS Number
● your address

If you are applying for a PPS Number to take up employment, you must have a signed offer of employment from your employer confirming when your job is due to start or when it started (you will be provided with the letter after you officially accept the job offer you got over Labyrinth Recruitment).

As proof of address, you can use any of the following documents:
● household utility bill
● an official letter or document (your employer will provide you with it upon your arrival)
● a financial statement
● property lease or tenancy agreement
● confirmation of address by a third party (such as hotel or hostel administration)

You can apply for a PPS Number online and to make an appointment, you will need to make a basic MyGovID account on What do you need to make an account? Just your full name stated as on your personal documents and your e-mail address.

We would advise you to apply and get your appointment for the PPSN as soon as you get your official Offer letter from the employer to try and avoid paying for 40% emergency tax (which will be paid out back to your bank account as soon as you receive your PPSN).

Emergency tax

When you accept a job offer, it would be good to inform the Revenue as soon as possible or you may have to pay emergency tax. Revenue will send a Revenue payroll notification (RPN) to your new employer. The RPN will tell your employer how much income tax and Universal Social Charge (USC) to deduct from your pay.

Take the following step as soon as possible so that your employer receives an RPN before your first day:
● Give your employer your Personal Public Service Number (PPS number). Your employer will notify Revenue of your start date. This will create a new employment record for you and let your new employer access up-to-date tax credits and tax rate bands for you.

That way, the employer can calculate the correct tax that you should have paid since the start of the year (January) and will refund any tax and Universal Social Charge (USC) that you have overpaid on your next payday.

Note: Due to the Covid19 situation, the time until you get PPSN has been extended (from a few weeks to over a month), so it would be good to sign up for an appointment while you are still in your home country as that can, as well, take a couple of weeks. If you apply for it immediately, the waiting time will be shorter and will save you some time while you are already in Ireland and waiting for your first payment.

Pro tip: Once you book your PPSN appointment, keep paying attention to the dates and times available, as people tend to cancel their appointments, and that way you can get a closer date than the one you originally booked. This could save you a lot of waiting time and if everything goes well and on time, you might even avoid paying the emergency tax.

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