Published November 23, 2020 by Vinko Ninčević
What is it all about
Labyrinth Recruitment Blog - What is all about

Finding new employees to perfectly fit in your team sometimes seems as impossible as finding a new job that will get you on your desired career path.

Yes, you find yourself in a labyrinth that is hard to get out of, but wait before you take another step because – we know the way!

Our mission is to change the way you experience the process of employment and employment agencies in general.

Employers usually hesitate to entrust hiring to recruiters because they don’t believe that recruiters can understand their business policy well enough to find a perfect fit for their team. This is why it often takes a while to find a recruitment agency that they can build high-quality business relationship with.

On the other hand, job-seekers can also be distrustful of recruiters because they believe that recruiters are mostly focused on filling in the available position for their client, whereas job-seekers’ individual qualities, personality and needs are put aside. They think this makes recruiters unable to properly present them to the employer, which will finally result with them not being chosen for the position they applied for.

Labyrinth Recruitment was founded precisely on the belief that an individualized approach to each client and candidate contributes to the creation and development of high-quality cooperation, which makes us different from our competitors.

The driving force behind us is the satisfaction brought by success in the business field, and we want to share it with you and build strong business and personal relationships based on mutual trust.

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